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Jesus sê dat 'n mens nie 'n maaltyd vir vriende moet aanbied net sodat jy weer genooi kan word nie. Dít, sê Hy, is 'n ruiltransaksie. Maar om mense wat niks kan teruggee nie, te nooi, is egte nederigheid, liefde en diens, en het ewige waarde. God sal omsien na iemand met so 'n gesindheid – Luk 14


Hier volg ‘n brief wat aan Cyril Ramaphosa en 30 regerings in die wêreld gestuur is. (Regerings en datums van stuur verskyn onderaan hierdie brief.) Gelofteland plaas nie gewoonlik Engelse artikels nie maar hierdie is ‘n internasionale waarskuwing deur meer as 1,500 kundiges van oor die wêreld, wat ‘n organisasie gestig het, United Health Professionals,(hulle name volg heel onder) om regerings oor die waarheid mbt Covid en die inentings in te lig. In hierdie brief word Ramaphosa en sy bende gemaan om nie die waarskuwing te verontagsaam nie. Duidelike riglyne word aan die SA-regering gegee hoe om die gekheid van die virus-drama te staak. Die omkoopgeld wat aan regerings betaal word bemoeilik egter die poging om korrupsie en die leuens oor die virus stop te sit. Indien u die waarheid wil weet, lees hierdie lang brief met al die bewyse en onthou dat Ramaphosa-hulle gewaarsku was maar nie gehoor wou gee nie. Dit blyk dat die regime ook nie die brief beantwoord het soos gevra is nie - Red.

"The charge of conspiracy theories is the response of those who have no arguments and a technique of mass manipulation because all what has been reported in this letter does not consist of theories but of truths and statements made by eminent experts including Nobel laureates for medicine. This letter will be kept as proof that your government has been alerted. Everything must return immediately to normal and this global hostage-taking must stop because you have known that you have been the victims of the biggest health scam of the 21th century."

“There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting should be known as nothing more than a bad flu season. this is not Ebola. It’s not SARS" (Dr Roger Hodkinson, November 13, 2020).

“ It is just a global scam to make huge profits, bail out the banks and meanwhile ruin the middle classes in the name of an epidemic...made destructive by liberticidal, allegedly health measures "(Dr Nicole Delépine, December 18, 2020).

“We have medical evidences that this is a scam" (Dr Heiko Schöning, July 2020).

The infection fatality rate for this new coronavirus is likely to be in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza" (Prof. John Ioannidis, April 17, 2020.)

Very Urgent :


About COVID-19

Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa : President of South Africa

Mr. David Mabuza : Deputy President of South Africa

and Mr. Zweli Mkhize : Minister of Health of South Africa


We are health professionals of the international collective : United Health Professionals, composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care physicians and infectious disease specialists) from different countries of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

On August 26, 2020, we addresed to governments and citizens of countries around the world an alert message regarding the COVID outbreak. First, let’s start with the conclusions of the 2010 report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the management of the H1N1 epidemic :

« The Parliamentary Assembly is alarmed about the way in which the H1N1 influenza pandemic has been handled, not only by the World Health Organization (WHO) but also by the competent health authorities at the level of the European Union and at national level. It is particularly troubled by some of the consequences of decisions taken and advice given leading to distortion of priorities of public health services across Europe, waste of large sums of public money and also unjustified scares and fears about health risks…grave shortcomings have been identified regarding the transparency of decision-making processes relating to the pandemic which have generated concerns about the possible influence of the pharmaceutical industry on some of the major decisions....unregulated or secret lobbying may be a danger and can undermine democratic principles and good governance ».

Know that the same mistakes made in the H1N1 epidemic are being repeated today in the COVID epidemic. You are the victims of the biggest health scam of the 21st century regarding the real danger of the virus, the measures to be taken, the figures, the tests and the treatments, and this was done with the same techniques of manipulation used during the epidemic of H1N1 and the Iraq war. Experts, professors of medicine as well as scientific and medical collectives began to alert others of this as early as March 2020. The countries of the world (except rare cases like : Sweden, Belarus or Tanzania), without thinking, have only imitated and blindly followed others. This epidemic is amplified, dramatized and instrumentalised by criminals who take advantage of it to achieve economic, political and ideological goals and agendas that are harmful to humanity and we will prove this to you. You must stop this global scam quickly (because it is a serious danger to your people and your country in terms of : health, economy, education, ecology and human rights) by immediately taking the following actions:

-Lift all restrictions : remove the following illegal, non-scientific and non-sanitary measures : lockdown, mandatory face masks for healthy subjects, social distancing of one or two meters. These crazy and stupid measures are heresies invented in 2020 that do not exist in medicine or public health and they are not based on any scientific evidence. This is not how we manage an outbreak :

- « The world went mad » with coronavirus lockdowns which « fly in the face of what is known about handling virus pandemics » (Dr Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, June 24, 2020).

- « The infection fatality rate seems to be about the same as for influenza, but we have never introduced these drastic measures before, when we had influenza pandemics. And we cannot live with them for years to come » (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 1, 2020).

- « The decision of lockdown as the decision of wearing masks…are not based on scientific data…» (Prof. Didier Raoult, June 24, 2020).

- « The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew, etc.]...The lockdown did not trigger the decrease in cases...As for the closure of restaurants which had very strict health protocols in place...of course, I have no way of defending has not influenced the epidemic at all...The lockdown has not changed anything…» (Prof. Philippe Parola, December 3, 2020).

- « There is no scientific evidence to support the disastrous two-metre rule. Poor quality research is being used to justify a policy with enormous consequences for us all » (Professors Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, June 19, 2020).

- « Grotesque, absurd and very dangerous measures...a horrible impact on the world economy...self-destruction and collective suicide... » (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, March 2020. He also sent, at the time, a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel).

In addition, these tyrannical measures violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its articles:

3, 5, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 20, 26, 27, 28, 30 and the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child in its articles : 28, 29, 32, 37.

- « When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course. The pandemic has led to the violation of basic human rights…There has not been the slightest ethical analysis of whether this was justified. It is not » (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 4, 2020).

Forcing non-sick people to wear masks is not only a heresy but it is also harmful to health as well as to ecology and is a form of mistreatment :

- « Dictatorship of masks totally unfounded » (Prof. Christian Perronne, September 22, 2020).

- « The curfew...was used during the German occupation when the militia and the Gestapo went to the houses. And now we’ll have the police making visits to see if there are more than six people at the table !

What is this madness ?! » (Prof. Christian Perronne, October 15, 2020).

- « Every winter in Paris, the ICU beds are totally saturated. We transfer patients…every winter, in normal circumstances » (Prof. Bruno Mégarbane, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, September 27, 2020) 1 .

- « In neither of the 2 waves... all the ICU were not saturated, it is false ! » (Prof. Michaël Peyromaure, January 18, 2021) 2 .

Open up economy, schools, universities, air transport and hospital units.

Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies : The 2010 report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the management of the H1N1 epidemic also said : « The Assembly calls on public health authorities at international, European and national level -and notably WHO-…to ensure that all persons subject to conflicts of interest are excluded from sensitive decision-making processes ». Countries’experts who pushed for these totally heretical measures are either followers, ignorant or corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Require an international and independent investigation and that those responsible for this scam be tried : On October 1 st , 2020, German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich announced that an international network of lawyers will argue the biggest tort case ever : « The anti-corona measures have caused and continue to cause such devastating damage to the worlds populations health and economy that the crimes committed by the WHO must be legally qualified as actual crimes against humanity as defined

In section 7 of the international criminal code ». He said also that this must be called « a corona scandal and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages ». The investigation must focus, among others, on Bruce Aylward (WHO) and Neil Ferguson (ICL).

-On January 10, 2021 : A letter relayed by The Sun and written by lawyers, a member of Parliament, human rights activists and a former US Air Force general was addressed to the FBI and MI-5 along with security services in Canada, Germany and Australia, where the authors say :

« We are writing this letter to request that a federal investigation be commenced and/or expedited regarding the scientific debate on major policy decisions during the COVID-19 crisis. In the course of our work, we have identified issues of a potentially criminal nature and believe this investigation necessary to ensure the interests of the public have been properly represented by those promoting certain pandemic policies ».

The letter calls the lockdown « a global scientific fraud of unprecedented proportions » which was « deliberately promulgated…to impoverish the nations who implemented it » 3 .

Rare countries like Sweden, Tanzania or Belarus -which can be congratulated- have refused the lockdown and have not blindly followed others and if we apply the reasoning of the lockdown defenders, the outcome must be a massacre or the saturation of their hospital system. Is this the case in these three countries ? The answer is of course : no. Moreover, on September 15, 2020, The BMJ published an article entitled :

« COVID-19 : How does Belarus have one of the lowest death rates in Europe ? ».

These three countries are living proof of the lockdown scam and since this reality might wake up public opinion and people see that they have been lied to, a corrupt press has been spreading, from the beginning, articles and even fake news, against Sweden and Belarus. The famous international slogan: « Stay home, save lives » was a pure lie. On the contrary, the lockdown not only killed many people but also destroyed physical and mental health, economy, education and other aspects of life. For example, the lockdown in the USA has killed thousands of Alzheimers patients who have also died far from their families.

In the United Kingdom : the lockdown killed 21,000 people. The effects of the lockdown « have been absolutely deleterious. They did not save the lives they had announced they could be able to save...It is a weapon of mass destruction and we see its effects...which form the real second wave » (Prof. Jean-François Toussaint, September 24, 2020). Imprisoning its people is a crime against humanity that even the Nazis did not commit !

- « This country is making a dramatic mistake...What are we going to suggest ? That everyone stay locked up all his life because there are viruses outside ?! You’re all crazy, you’ve become all nuts !...we are setting the planet on fire » (Prof. Didier Raoult, October 27, 2020).

- « It is a big delirium but which is instrumentalised by big pharma and also politicians...It is a fear organized for political and economic reasons » (Prof. Christian Perronne, August 31, 2020).

- « It is just a global scam to make huge profits, bail out the banks and meanwhile ruin the middle classes in the name of an epidemic...made destructive by liberticidal, allegedly health measures » (Dr Nicole Delépine, December 18, 2020).

- « We have medical evidences that this is a scam » (Dr Heiko Schöning, July 2020).

- « Think about these two questions :...Is the coronavirus man-made ?...Have they tried to use this viral disease or this psychosis for their own ends & interests ?» (Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus).

- « There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting should be known as nothing more than a bad flu season. this is not Ebola. It’s not SARS » (Dr Roger Hodkinson, November 13, 2020).

No longer blindly follow the recommendations of the WHO and require that it be totally reformed : An investigation carried out in 2016 (WHO in the clutches of lobbyists) showed an edifying radiography of the WHO ; a weakened structure subject to multiple conflicts of interest. This investigation has shown how private interests dominate public health in the WHO. Another investigation (Trust WHO) also revealed these serious anomalies.

Use the recognized measures for the management of epidemics : Such as recommendations of hand washing, sneeze or cough into the elbow, use a mask but only for patients and healthcare professionals (in specific situations), isolation of the sick, etc. The severity of an epidemic is assessed by the infection fatality rate (IFR), among other things. However, the latter is very low (0.12-0.15%) and there is therefore no justification for taking measures that are not only disproportionate but also unscientific.

Make the media aware of their responsabilities : The media must, for example, stop talking about the coronavirus.

Remove the requirement for tests : The people who push for mandatory testing are defrauding governments and pursuing only economic goals. Nothing in this coronavirus (which is a benign virus and with a low CFR) justifies it. The flu infects one billion people each year, far more than SARS-CoV-2, spreads faster and has more populations at risk than this coronavirus and yet no test is required for travel.

This is why Professor Didier Raoult called « a delirium » the claim that it is a serious illness and said, on August 19, 2020, that « it is not worse than the flu ».

- « The infection fatality rate for this new coronavirus is likely to be in the same ballpark as seasonal influenza » (Prof. John Ioannidis, April 17, 2020).

- « Reassure the large majority of the population that their risk of dying or getting severe disease from COVID-19 is very low » (Prof. John Ioannidis, April 22, 2020).

- « Do you realize ? Today, we are destroying the economy whereas finally the figures are comparable with those we experienced with the flu ! » (Prof. Christian Perronne, October 25, 2020).

Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project :

- « We don’t need it [the vaccine] at all...All this is about purely commercial goals » (Prof. Christian Perronne, June 16, 2020).

- « It is an old marketing principle of pharmaceutical companies : if they want to sell their product well, consumers must be afraid and see it as their salvation. So, we create a psychosis so that consumers crack up and rush on the vaccine in question » (Prof. Peter Schönhöfer).

- « As a doctor, I do not hesitate to anticipate the decisions of the government ; we must not only refuse these vaccines [against COVID-19], but we must also denounce and condemn the purely mercantile approach and the abject cynicism which guided their production » (Dr Pierre Cave, August 7, 2020).

- The COVID vaccine is « so, so unnecessary » (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, December 2, 2020).

- « I have never seen in the history of medicine that we urgently develop vaccines to vaccinate millions, billions of individuals for a virus that no longer kills except people at risk that we can identify, that we can treat...I have never seen a vaccine coming out after 2 months ! takes years ! Here we have a virus that kills 0,05% and we will take all the risks ! I know there are billions behind this...Be carefull, this is very dangerous ! » (Prof. Christian Perronne, December 2, 2020).

- « We’re going too fast. If there was an emergency,...if today COVID-19 kills 50% of people, I will say let’s take risks...but here we have a virus that kills 0,05% and we will take all the risks ! I know there are billions behind this...Be carefull, this is very dangerous ! » (Prof. Christian Perronne, December 2, 2020).

To the question : « We do not need a general vaccine for the whole humanity with 0.05% deaths ? »,

Professor Christian Perronne replied : « It’s obvious ! ».

-In November 30, 2020 : Professor Christian Perronne wrote a letter in which he alerted on the danger of the vaccines based on genetic engineering : « The people who promote these gene therapies, falsely called : quot; vaccines", are sorcerers & apprentices and take...the citizens of the world for guinea pigs ».

-On October 19, 2020, in a correspondence to the journal The Lancet, scientists expressed concerns and warned : « we are concerned that use of an Ad5 vector for immunisation against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) could similarly increase the risk of HIV-1 acquisition among men who receive the vaccine ».

-If people accept the COVID-19 vaccine, it will be : « a mistake because we risk having absolutely unpredictable effects : for example, cancers...We are playing the total sorcerer’s apprentice...Man must not serve as a guinea pig, children must not serve as guinea pigs, it is absolutely unethical. There must not be deaths from vaccines » (Prof. Luc Montagnier, Virologist and Nobel Prize in Medicine, December 17, 2020).

-In Switzerland, a group of 700 doctors and health professionals called on January 15, 2021 for stopping the vaccination campaign 4 .

- « I think it’s [the COVID vaccine] downright dangerous. And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom » (Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, December 2, 2020).

-On December 30, 2020 : Réaction 19 (a French association founded by lawyers with nearly 60,000 members) informed, in a press release, that it has filed a complaint concerning the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines for : deliberately endangering the life of others, aggravated deception, abuse of weakness and aggravated extortion.

-Recently, several Members of the European Parliament have alerted the population because they are forbidden to consult the contracts signed with pharmaceutical laboratories. This opacity is a proof that there are compromising things they want to hide. Michèle Rivasi, a Member of the European Parliament, even lodged a complaint . As a reminder in 2009, Pfizer was fined $ 2.3 billion, the largest fine ever imposed by the courts of the United States on a pharmaceutical group. It was found guilty of fraudulent commercial practices. In 2010, AstraZeneca was fined 520 million euros for recommending unauthorized use of a drug. In 2011, Merck payed a fine of $ 628.36 million to resolve allegations of off-label marketing and false statements about the cardiovascular safety of a drug. In 2013, a fine of 1.62 billion euros was imposed on Johnson & Johnson to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from allegationsrelating to the prescription of three drugs including promotion for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and payment of kickbacks to physicians and to the nation’s largest long-term care pharmacy provider.

You must stop this global scam where the politico-economic (even ideological) agendas of criminals are to COVID what the Iraq war was to the attacks of September 11 th , 2001 (here’s a reminder of the scam of the Iraq war : . These criminals manipulate the countries of the world and want to make the epidemic last as long as possible to achieve their goals when the COVID epidemic should have been declared over at a certain period of the past year ; indeed, in medicine, the epidemic threshold from which the beginning and the end of an epidemic are declared is between 150 and 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The Tanzanian president is one of the few presidents who understood this because he declared on June 8, 2020 that the COVID epidemic was over in his country. « The epidemic is over ! » (Professor Yoram Lass, July 2, 2020) 7 .

In this epidemic, the danger is not the coronavirus but the people who instrumentalise it and who are the real virus to fight. The virus is completely innocent of what is happening (impoverishment, job losses, suicides, deaths, economic recession, unemployment, etc.) and the real culprits are those who have pushed the world to use these measures and the governments that continue to implement these measures despite alerts and warnings. « The World Bank has just estimated that the corona pandemic has caused an increase of about 100 million people living in extreme poverty. This is not because of COVID-19. It is because of the draconian measures we have introduced » (Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, December 1, 2020).

The discrepancy and disproportion between the level of dangerousness of the virus and the magnitude of the measures taken (which are moreover totally heretical) are so obvious that it inevitably leads to the conclusion that there are other objectives behind. You have to be really blind or naive not to see it. With these measures which have nothing to do with medicine or science, governments are not fighting the dangers of the virus but are fighting the basic rights of their people and destroying their health, economy, education, ecology, culture and other aspects of life. « We have been living a kind of delirium from the start…We live in a world which is crazy :...the conditions that have been taken to fight this disease are conditions from another is not even the level of the Middle Ages ! » (Prof. Didier Raoult, December 7, 2020).

On December 28, 2020, Randy Hillier, a Canadian MP, wrote this message on Twitter along with the hashtags : #We Are Living A Lie and #No More Lockdowns : « The lies and deceptions of Covid are over. How, why so many allowed themselves to be deceived will take years to uncover ».

It is not because the majority of countries are doing the same thing that it means that it is good or that it is the right thing to do. The number is not a criterion for knowing whether or not countries are right to apply these measures. On the contrary, many historical examples show that the majority is often wrong ; Iraq war (rare countries like France did not follow and were right), H1N1 (rare countries like Poland did not follow and were right), World War II, etc.

The charge of conspiracy theories is the response of those who have no arguments and a technique of mass manipulation because all what has been reported in this letter does not consist of theories but of truths and statements made by eminent experts including Nobel laureates for medicine. This letter will be kept as proof that your government has been alerted. Everything must return immediately to normal and this global hostage-taking must stop because you have known that you have been the victims of the biggest health scam of the 21th century.

-Please, don’t make the mistake of underestimating our letter or ignoring it. Here are 2 examples of what happens when a government makes this mistake :

Despite warnings from several experts about the danger of Dengvaxia (dengue vaccine), the Philippine government decided in 2016 to launch a vaccination campaign that ended later in a public scandal.

According to the office of the prosecutor Persida Acosta, 500 children died as a result of this vaccine and several thousand are sick. According to the prosecutor, the responsibilities are shared between the laboratory which sold a dangerous vaccine and the government which set up a massive and indiscriminate vaccination campaign, in deplorable conditions. This vaccine, however, promised to be a planetary triumph ; in 2015, Sanofi confirmed with great fanfare the marketing of a revolutionary dengue vaccine. It was a world first, the product of twenty years of research and 1,5 billion euros of investment.

Yet from the beginning, voices raised in the scientific community : Doctor Antonio Dans tried to warn about the inconclusive results of the first clinical trials. In the USA, Professor Scott Halstead, a world renowned specialist in the disease, even sent a video broadcasted in the Senate of the country to urge to suspend the vaccination program. The former health minister of the country has been charged in this scandal. « It’s the lure of profit that killed these children », said prosecutor Persida Acosta.

The second example is the scandal of the H1N1 vaccine which was bought by several countries despite alerts from Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, the chairman of the Health Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, who in a motion for a recommendation entitled « Faked Pandemics - a threat for health » said : « In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies have influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards, to alarm governments worldwide. They have made them squander tight health care resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly exposed millions of healthy people to the risk of unknown side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines ». He was totally right because, later, in Europe alone the vaccine made 1,500 victims of narcolepsy including 80% of children, so much so that on November 24, 2013, the

Swedish Minister of Social Affairs, Göran Hägglund, said he was ready to publicly apologize to the victims of the swine flu vaccine.

We cannot tell you everything in this letter, that is why you must consult the following documents very carefully because everything you have been told is detailed and argued there, and because you will discover other things that you do not know and by which you will be even shocked :

1-International alert message of health professionals to governments and citizens of countries around the

world :

2-What happened during the H1N1 epidemic :

3-COVID-19 (unknown facts, countries which refused, role of the media, goals, consequences, those

responsible for the scam) :

4-Masks, lockdown, social distancing, contact tracing :

5-The truth about the tests and dangers of vaccination :

6-The 7 actions that the governments of the world must take :

All the information in the above documents is scientific, sourced and verified (sources at the end of the first document and in the description of the 5 videos). To activate the subtitles in your language, watch the videos from a computer or a laptop then follow the steps explained in this video :

We thank you for your attention and we await your reply with interest.

Sincerely yours,

The international collective : United Health Professionals

Our names and professions follows here.

(Email : Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.)

Our names and professions

Professor Martin Haditsh, microbiology, infectious disease and tropical medicine

specialist, Austria

Ghislaine Gigot, general practitioner, France

François Pesty, pharmacist, France

Catherine Raulin, general practitioner, France

Laurent Hervieux, general practitioner, France

Geneviève Magnan, nurse, France

Jean-Pierre Eudier, dental surgeon, Luxembourg

Andrée Van Den Borre, dental surgeon, Belgium

Mauricio Castillo, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Chile

Marie-Claude Luley-Leroide, general practitioner, France

Daniele Joulin, general practitioner, France

Mohamed Zelmat, clinical biologist, France

Nadine Blondel, nurse, France

Hélène Banoun, pharmacist and biologist, France

Estelle Ammar, speech therapist, France

Caroline Durieu, general practitioner, Belgium


Doris Stucki, psychiatrist, Switzerland

Jessica Leddy, licensed acupuncturist, United States

Fabien Quedeville, general practitioner, France

Michel Angles, general practitioner, France

Dominique Carpentier, general practitioner, France

Christophe Cornil, plastic surgeon, France

Pierre Brihaye, ear, nose and throat specialist, Belgium

Elizabeth Luttrell, certified nursing assistant, United States

Tasha Clyde, nurse, United States

Walter Weber, internal medicine and oncology specialist, Germany

Professor Pierre-Francois Laterre, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician,


Sylvie Lathoud, clinical psychologist, France

Karim Boudjedir, hematologist, France

Caroline Heisch, osteopath, France

Eric Blin, physiotherapist, France

Vincent Schmutz, dental surgeon, France

Zieciak WB, ears nose and throat surgeon, South Africa

Virginie Merlin, nurse, Belgium

Gabriel Brieuc, anesthesiologist, Belgium

Marie-José Eck, general practitioner, France

Patricia Grasteau, nursing assistive personnel, France

Christine Villeneuve, psychotherapist, France

Philippe Voche, plastic surgeon, France

Gérard Bossu, osteopath, France

Elaine Walker, emergency medicine physician, United States

Richard Amerling, nephrologist, United States

Phil Thomas, general practitioner, South Africa

Manfred Horst, allergologist and immunologist, France

Sybille Burtin, public health physician, France

Chantal Berge, nurse, France

Denis Agret, emergency medicine and public health physician, France

Mélanie Dechamps, intensive care physician, Belgium

Pascal Sacré, intensive care physician, Belgium


Prosper Aimé Seme Ntomba, dental surgeon, Cameroon

Sandrine Lejong, pharmacist, Belgium

Professor Jan Zaloudik, surgical oncology, Czech Republic

Cerise Gaugain, midwife, France

Delphine Balique, midwife, France

Marion Campo, midwife, France

Olivier Chailley, cardiologist, France

Johan Sérot, physiotherapist, France

Arlette Fauvelle, pharmacist, Belgium

Farooq Salman, ear, nose and throat specialist, Irak

Olga Goodman, rheumatologist, United States

Pascal Leblond, nurse, France

Sybille Morel, nurse, France

Marie-Thérèse Nizier, physiotherapist, France

Graziella Mercy, nurse, France

Pierre Maugeais, general practitioner, France

Carrie Madej, internal medicine specialist, United States

Victor Gomez Saviñon, cardiac surgeon, Mexico

Martin Boucher, nurse, Canada

Evelyne Nicolle, pharmacist, France

Agnès Dupond, general practitioner, France

Azad Mitha, general practitioner, France

Ines Heller, physiotherapist, France

Marie Laravine, nurse, France

Khaleel Kareem, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Irak

Tonya Davis, certified nursing assistant, United States

Mary Baty, dental hygienist, United States

Jean-Pierre Letourneur, hepatogastroenterologist, France

Luis Angel Ponce Torres, trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, Peru

Professor Christophe de Brouwer, public health physician, Belgium

Corinne Dodelin-Bricout, pediatrician, France

Jana Schwiek, pharmacist, Germany

Thierry Gourvénec, pédopsychiatrist, France

Stefan Landshamer, pharmacist, Germany


Christine Schirmann, physiotherapist, France

Jean Pierre Garcia, general practitioner, France

Thomas Haase, pharmacist, Germany

Louis Fouché, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, France

Professor Paul Touboul, cardiologist, France

Michael Knoch, physician, Germany

Claire Charton Promeyrat, nurse, France

Kerstin Schön, neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy specialist, Germany

Paul-Conrad Delaëre, physiotherapist, France

Manon Dannenmuller, physioterapist, France

Catherine Solignac-Fernström, immunoallergist, France

Cécile Andri, physician, Belgium

Perrine Terrasse, physiotherapist and nutritionist, France

Maria Ojeda, physiotherapist, France

Cornelia Schielein, pharmacist, Germany

Felix Schielein, pharmacist, Germany

Christine Dubois, nurse, France

Angelique Huet, nursing assistive personnel, France

Noémie Marguet, general practitioner, France

Michel Charluet, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Hind Mahmoudi, nurse, Switzerland

Isabelle Riou, nurse, France

Jean-François Bertholon, physiologist, France

Clotilde Branly, midwife, France

Isabelle Ducros, nurse, France

Caroline Viane, allergist, France

Edouard Descat, radiologist, France

Matthias Pietzner, pharmacist, Germany

Catherine Salvi-Defrasne, general practitioner, Switzerland

Brigitte Debourg, nurse, France

Amandine Thomasset, psychiatrist, France

Nathalie Garcia-Bonnet, general practitioner, France

Christiane Conte Guiraud, endocrinologist, France

Martine Matthey, nurse, France


Daniela Engel, general practitioner, France

Florent Collonge, physiotherapist, France

Hélène Feuvrier-Romand, general practitioner, France

Professor Fady G Haddad, internal medicine specialist, Lebanon

Olivier Catry, physiotherapist, Luxembourg

Elena Andrei, general practitioner, Romania

Dorothée Bordier, pharmacist, Switzerland

Sophie Biénabe, emergency medicine physician, France

Francesco Martini, digestive surgeon, France

Bruno Valois, general practitioner, France

Florence Jonville, nurse, France

Céline Deladreue, pharmacist, France

Laura Meyer, physiotherapist, Belgium

François-Xavier Clément, anesthesiologist, Switzerland

Leandro Patterson Silva, general practitioner, Cuba

Pierre Gautron, nurse, France

Corinne Daurat, nurse, France

Emmanuel Agyemang, nurse, France

Jean-Philippe Wispelaere, nurse, France

Marc Keucker, legal medicine specialist, France

Marta Barreda González, general practitioner and public health specialist, Spain

Carmela Scuncio, nursing assistive personnel, Switzerland

Didier Mariéthoz, nutritionist, Switzerland

Murielle François, pediatrician and endocrinologist, France

Alain Roguet, dental surgeon, France

Christine Albanel, dental surgeon, France

Delphine Rive, general practitioner, France

Jérôme Le Bihan, general practitioner, France

Bruno Staquet, general practitioner, Switzerland

Robert Béliveau, general practitioner, Canada

Claire-Hélène Henesse, nurse, Switzerland

Arlette Flori Le Fur, rheumatologist, France

Hélène De Cristoforo, general practitioner, France

Sylvie Huitorel, nurse, France


Jean-Marie Lupart, psychiatrist, France

Annick Zabulon, nurse, France

Frédérique Giacomoni, psychiatrist, Switzerland

Olivier Gérin, general practitioner, Switzerland

Chantal Leveille, nurse, France

Cécilia Plaisant, pharmacist, France

Xavier Larvor, occupational physician, France

Michelle Camelin, general practitioner, France

Florence Jacquelin, general practitioner and palliative care physician, France

Andreas Stein, general practitioner, Germany

Bettina Weisheit, pharmacist, Germany

Susanne Weisheit, psychiatrist, Germany

Sabine Paliard Franco, general practitioner, France

Brigitte Delporte, general practitioner and acupuncturist, France

Patricia Combier, general practitioner, France

Marie-Bénédicte Hibon, general practitioner, France

Maxime Carron, pharmacist, France

Soraya Abbassen, dental surgeon, Algeria

Amale Belemlih, osteopath, Morroco

Carmela Baur, pharmacist, Germany

Marianne Klein, physician, Switzerland  

Karine Hadida, clinical psychologist, France

Christine Dautheribes, anesthesiologist, France

Jean-François Enault, anesthesiologist, France

Nathalie Fournier, dermatologist, France

Aude Meesemaecker, nurse, France

Milana Lenzlinger, acupuncturist, Switzerland

Sandra Mannstadt, child psychologist and psychotherapist, Switzerland

Philip Siegenthaler, general practitionner, Switzerland

Anne Andre De L'arc, nurse, France

Marijo Ferrier, nurse, France

Claire Renou, nurse, France

Karim Zaher, physiotherapist, France

Stéphanie Delhaye, nurse, France


René Studer, clinical microbiologist, Switzerland

Jean-Claude Fajeau, physician, Switzerland

Mignon Hugues, general practitioner, Belgium

Alessandro Salsi, speech therapist, Italy

Bernadette Petithomme, psychiatrist, France

Nadia Banaszynski, nurse, France

Nicole Colomas, nurse, France

Martine Goueze, midwife, France

Émilie Taine, midwife, France

Rita Köppel, pharmacist, Germany

Daniel Favre, physiotherapist and osteopath, Switzerland

Paul Wüthrich, nurse, Switzerland

Yann Burmann, nurse, Switzerland

Olivier Collet, osteopath, France

Laurent Lalliot, physiotherapist, France‌

Jean-François Pascal, geriatrician, France

Michèle Michet, anesthesiologist, France

Jeanne-Marie Bernard, nurse, France

Maria Niero, nurse, Argentina

Marie-Ève Parenteau, acupuncturist, Mexico

Aisatou Guaye, nurse anesthesist, Switzerland

Marique Sean, physiotherapist, Belgium

Chloé Raynal, nurse, France

Solenne Lapalus-Erhard, clinical psychologist, France

Isabelle Brunat, clinical psychologist, France

Robert Luy, general practitioner, France

Françoise Hossenlopp, general practitioner, France

Ahmad Harfoosh, cardiologist, Egypt

Cathy Duquaine, nurse, Belgium

Zohra Alami Merouni, clinical biologist, Morroco

Alexandra Meert, clinical psychologist, Belgium

Jens Münch, neurologist, France

Jean-François Comet, general practitioner, France

Yves Gaignoux, general practitioner, France


Julie Lam, general practitioner, France

Michel Arteil, dental surgeon, France

Jean Marie Radiguet, general practitioner, New Caledonia

Fatima Azizi, general practitioner, Morroco

Vincent Pissoat, dentist, Germany

Carmen Marti Amiguet, radiologist, Spain

Nassime Touillon, general practitioner, France

Noella Szerzyna Gay, surgeon, France

Cecilia Lopez, cardiologist, France

Maud Lenglet, nurse, France

Lucy Warren, nurse, France

Chris Tsiros, Public and community health specialist, Greece

Javier Cabeza Marinelli, neurologist, Argentina

Ricardo Falcón Lambán, general practitioner, Spain

Gaelle Wery, physiotherapist, New Caledonia

Mary Maliet, nurse, France

Eric Neuman, psychiatrist, France

Mélanie Gourmelon, speech therapist, France

Lise Nathanson, clinical psychologist, France

Florence Tisserant, pharmacist, France

Virginie Reding, dermatologist, Belgium

Pablo Liendo, psychologist, Argentina

Matelda Josefina Lisdero, physician, Argentina

Marie Sevenants, general practitioner, Belgium

Nathalie Maulun, nurse, France

Rémi Saudax, pharmacist, France

Caroline Jouannelle-Sulpicy, pathologist, France

Emmanuelle Béra, clinical psychologist, France

Nathalie Cor, ophtalmologist, France

Salim Kheloufi, medical technologist, Algeria

Ángeles Rodríguez Cejas, general practitioner, Spain

José Rafael Talefe, osteopath, Portugal

Marie Louise Allen, general practitioner, Belgium

Carmen Soler Arnedo, general practitioner, Spain


Françoise Zitte, nurse, France

Florence Lair, radiologist, France

Arnaud Marty, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, France

François Payet, nurse, France

Tulio Sarron, general practitioner, France

Anne-Dominique Festeraerts, general practitioner, Belgium

Yelitza Romero Mesia, surgeon, Venezuela

Christine Saahs, pediatrician, Austria

Jovana Stojkovic, psychiatrist, Serbia

Karine Baude, nutritionist, France

Odile Peltret, nurse, France

Patricia Duteil, general practitioner, France

Horst  Bongard, obstetrician and gynecologist, France

Claude Motuel, general practitioner, France

Catherine Laureys, dentist, Belgium

Susanna Petit, general practitioner, Switzerland

Juan Carbonell Torregrosa, acupuncturist, Spain

Bruno Ferroni, general practitioner, Switzerland

Mariha Leblond, ophtalmologist, France

Jean Gouézo, general practitioner, France

Claire Delval, general practitioner, France

Marlène Mellinger, dental surgeon, France

Hélène Sévry, nurse, France

Said Belkadi, public health physician, Morroco

Christiane Devenoges, physiotherapist, Switzerland

Martinez Infante Ana, physician, Argentina

Ana Marí Davérède, physician, Argentina

Martine Juppin, nurse, France

Christine Pomer, nursing assistive personnel, France

Emilie Negro, nurse, France

Pascale Mottay, midwife, France

Lydia Bianconi, physiotherapist, France

Joseba Arrieta, osteopath, Basque Country

Marta Jiménez Lozano, physiotherapist, Spain


Sylvianne Honorez, nurse, Belgium

Miguel Angel Soler, neurologist, Argentina

Julien Quéré, physiotherapist, France

Béatrice Petit, physician, France

Bernard Schmitt, osteopath, France

Serge Roess, dental surgeon, France

Nathalie George, epidemiologist, France

Maria Fuentes Caballero, general practitioner, Spain

Emma Parkinson, physiotherapist, United Kingdom

Nelson F Samaniego Idrovo, general and digestive surgeon, Ecuador

Carmen Dorita Sarmiento Barba, surgeon, Ecuador

Florence Mignard, psychotherapist, France

Jean Francois Brechot, clinical biologist, France

Adeline Vanhuysse, nurse, France

Vincent Reliquet, general practitioner, France

Marie Simonnot-Mathon, general practitioner, France

Glareimy Ruiz, obstetrician and gynecologist, Venezuela

Brigitte Dohmen, clinical psychologist, Belgium

Silvano Baztán Guindo, physician, Spain

Leonardo Rafael González Bayona, general practitioner, Argentina

Serge Rader, pharmacist, France

Ally Dulymamode, anesthesiologist, France

Carl Scaillet, general practitioner, France

Fanny Ecochard, clinical psychologist, France

Jean-Paul Zemb, pediatrician, France

Léticia Schinz, nurse, Switzerland

Emilio Morales Prado, physician, Spain

Severine Essex, physician and acupuncturist, Finland

Emilienne Simillion, Osteopath, Belgium

Claire Janvier, physician and osteopath, France

Frédéric Vallée, pharmacist, France

Angélique Vallée, pharmacy technician, France

Pierre Clos, general practitioner, France

Virginie Amalric Baquerre, clinical psychologist, France


Maria J Van Den Berg, general practitioner, United Kingdom

Jose Cienfuegos Campini, obstetrician and gynecologist, Spain

Majid Bel Hadj Soulami, general practitioner, Morroco

Vincenzo Fuca, nurse, Belgium

Pauline de Vaux, psychiatrist, France

Séhomi Azonaha, public health nurse, France

Pascal Cosentino, physiotherapist, France

Jocelyne Lazare, nurse, France

Martine Gineyts, nurse, France

Juan Alonso, chiropractor, Spain

Pilar Rodríguez Vidal, nursing assistive personnel, Spain

Fabio Borghesi, general practitioner, Spain

Maria Castro Romero, clinical psychologist, United Kingdom

Michel Froissard, anesthesist and intensive care physician, France

Judith Dalmais, general practitioner, France

Agnès Vieljeux, nurse, France

Helena Romo, nurse, France

Patrick Klein, dental surgeon, France

Cathalina Caro Olave, nurse, Chile

Dario Alcayaga, dental surgeon, Chile

Alain Sartenaer, general practitioner, Belgium

Pilar Lobato Astorga, midwife, Spain

Gwennola Nouet Berthelot, general practitioner, France

Laure Cosentino, clinical psychologist, France

Pascale Rondot, dental surgeon, France

Evelyne Devin, nurse, France

Eric Dudoit, clinical psychologist, France

Jose Luis Ruiz Gurbindo, intensive care physician, Spain

Angel Nunez, clinical psychologist, Peru

Olga Martínez de Lagran, clinical psychologist, Spain

Nathalie Scheidegger, nurse, Switzerland

Colette Dufresne, nurse, France

Isabelle Steinmetz Parrot, general practitioner, France

Eric Le Guen, nephrologist, France


Marc Arer, general practitioner, France

Hélène Lieutaud, endocrinologist, France

José Martínez Albarracín, general practitioner, Spain

Lurdes Cerol, cardiologist, Portugal

María Del Montecarmelo Alvarez Zarzuelo, nurse, Spain

Amaia Yudego Azkue, nurse, Spain

Florent Poirier, physiotherapist, France

Delphine Cahoreau, general practitioner, France

Jean-François Wai Choon, dental surgeon, France

Frédéric Mouysset, physician, France

Frédéric Vinyes, surgeon, Spain

Maria Cristina Blanco Rodriguez, physician, Spain

Manuel Gutierrez Ontiveros, physician, Spain

Juan José, general and digestive surgeon, Spain

Eric Saint-Jevin, nurse, France

Pascale Gerbaud, pharmacist, France

Marie Rabier, Osteopath, France

Marie-Dominique Beschet, nurse, France

Corinne Ayello, nurse, France

Belen Angel Arias, dentist, Spain

Nicole Pasteur, nurse, Switzerland

Hilario Robledo, surgeon, Spain

Francisco Dorado García, general practitioner, Spain

Adeline Vanhuysse, nurse, France

Marie Dominique Chemin, general practitioner, France

Philippe Bonnet, general practitioner, France

Alain Joseph, general practitioner, France

Anne Anthonissen, general practitioner, France

María Pilar de la Cueva Barrao, obstetrician and gynecologist, Spain

Cristina Pinho, gastroenterologist, Portugal

Jean Claude Ngabo, public health physician, Democratic Republic of the Congo

José Jesus Ruiz Joyanes, physician, Spain

Louis-Adrien Ollu, osteopath, France

Jean-Francois Rheinart, radiologist, France


Édouard Collot, psychiatrist, France

Ariane Bilheran, clinical psychologist, France

Shanti Rouvier, clinical psychologist, France

Céline Delrez, nurse, Belgium

Raquel Contreras Fariñas, nurse, Spain

Philippe Wyckmans, psycholtherapist, Belgium

Ana Echeveste, chiropractor, Spain

Pascal Lescure, general practitionner, France

Marie Roseline, general practitionner, France

Martine Mérour, pulmonologist, France

Soumïâa Sayah, nurse, France

Carine Baudry, nurse, France

Sonia Ivonne Acevedo Sepulveda, dental surgeon and nurse, Chile

Anunciada Gasset, general practitioner, Spain

Nathalie Calame, physician, Switzerland

Renaud Fiévet, anesthesiologist, Belgium

Martin Gerard, nurse, France

Marie-Odile Fredouelle, general practitionner, France

Aurelie Moreau, nurse, France

Muriel Combemale, nurse, France

Patrick Camus, general practitionner, France

Joaquim Fontanals, ophtalmolgist, Spain

Douglas Pedroza, general surgery and public health specialist, Venezuela

Nora Zeiguer, gynecologist, Argentina

Juan Ramon Perez Sanchez, general practitionner, Spain

Catherine Gervaise, midwife, France

Nicole Delépine, pediatric oncologist, France

Céline Vinuesa, physiotherapist, France

Anne-marie Begue Simon, physician, France

Béatrice Varlet, nurse, France

Marie Ernst, nurse, Belgium

Julio Hakanovitz, physician, Argentina

Luis Ricardo Borriquero, clinical biologist, Spain

Felix Di Lernia, physician, Argentina


Isabelle Rile, emergency medicine physician, France

Corinne Bitoun, occupational physician, France

Salam aziz, nurse anesthesist, France

Paul Bousquet, physician, France

René Bergeot, general practitioner, France

Salvador Vivallo Dumubef, general practitionner, Chile

Natalie de Bruyn, pharmacist, Germany

Nassima Gasmi, physician, Algeria

Lisa Shimizu, pharmcist, Portugal

Frédéric Préaux, radiologist, France

Eric Menat, general practitionner, France

Michel Souid, general practitionner and geriatrician, France

Patrick Salvia, general practitionner, France

Aurore Simard, osteopath, France

Éric Potier, nurse, Switzerland

Montecarmelo Alvarez Zarzuelo, nurse, Spain

Peter Himken, pharmacist, Germany

Isabelle Silvestre, physiotherapist, France

Sophie Cohen, clinical psychologist, France

Thomas Bianchi, physiotherapist, France

Marie-José Colibeau, osteopath, France

Jean-Michel Bodron, emergency physician, France

Elsie Merisma, general practitionner, Haiti

Francisco Patrício, general practitioner and occupational physician, Portugal

Marianne Rist, nutritional therapist, United Kingdom

Juan Carlos Camargo Cuéllar, physician, Colombia

Monique Marillier, nurse, France

Patrice Albert, nurse, France

Gérard Delepine, surgeon, France

Gérald Schléwitz, clinical psychologist, France

Nathalie Campredon, nurse, France

Yuri Carvajal Bañados, public health physician, Chile

Thomas Dimitriou, medical technologist, Greece

Maria Helena de Lima Teixeira, plastic surgeon, Portugal


Juan Cruz, physician, Ecuador

Aude Hariche, general practitionner, France

Maryline Nicolas, nurse, France

Françoise Corbin, general practitionner, France

Eloi Lecavelier, physiotherapist, France

Laurence Ducol, speech therapist, France

Fernando Ramos Orihuela, physiotherapist, Spain

Joseph Meyer, surgeon, Belgium

Jesús Galán Dueñas, physician, Spain

Marie-Claire Bouhy, nurse, Belgium

Gaëlle Stephant, nurse, France

Alain Joseph, general practitioner, France

Jean-François Teyssier, general practitioner, France

Catherine Demay, nurse, France

Anne Marie Rouxel Coat, dermatologist, France

André Lajoie, chiropractor, Canada

Corinne Cossali, radiologist, Switzerland

Lahlou Hind, pulmonologist, Morroco

Jean-Charles Montagne, pharmacist, Switzerland

Nathalie Joffrin, nurse, France

Patricia Ménoret Cirot, dental surgeon, France

Mahdi Chouioukh, nurse, France

Marc Lamoureux, physiotherapist, France

Marc Laloux, physiotherapist, France

Jordi Roig Giménez, psychiatrist, Spain

Psicólogos por la Verdad association, Spain

Zac Cox, dental surgeon, United Kingdom

Christine Rappaz, psychiatrist, Switzerland

Isabelle Merlet, geriatrician, France

Aïssa Ibnoulkhatib, surgeon, France

Alice Thomas, Osteopath, France

Claude Martin, nurse, France

Nadine Six, nurse, France

Laurent Devalet, osteopath, Luxembourg


Fabienne Gougler, physiotherapist, Portugal

Katrien Steenhoudt, psychologist, Belgium

Ghalya Lataoui, general practitionner, Morroco

Jacqueline Brun, nurse, France

Laure Ballu, osteopath, France

Guy Petit, nurse, France

Philippe Lamour, nurse, France

Michel Chiara, physiotherapist, France

Charles Mathonet, surgeon, Germany

Chemello Raffaella, nurse, Belgium

Dominique Honorez, pediatric nurse practitioner, Belgium

Fabienne Thibaut, nurse, Belgique

Isabelle Cuinet, medical technologist, France

Romain Philipps, nurse, France

Caroline Mallet, midwife, France

Bénédicte Lacroze, midwife, France

Brigitte Aubert-Walter, psychiatrist, France

Annes Bouria, pharmacist, Belgium

Pierre Deward, physiotherapist, Belgium

Elisenda Fernandez, nurse, Spain

Khalid Zouine, pharmacist, Morroco

Géraldine Brion, physiotherapist, France

Adeline Levrat, clinical psychologist, France

Fatma Beldjilali, pediatric nurse assistant, France

Fernand Dobat-Chauleau, general practitioner, France

Eric Toullec, orthopedic surgeon, France

Claudia Ucros, clinical psychologist, Belgium

Souad Oudgiri, pulmonologist, Morroco

Mohammed Ali Debbarh, physician, Morroco

Cathy Duquaine, nurse, Belgium

Vincent Di Piero, clinical psychologist, France

Catherine Pettinger, nurse, France

Martine Wonner, psychiatrist, France

Soizic Ballut, nurse, France


Georges Minaides, physiotherapist, France

Bénédicte de Thysebaert, midwife, Belgium

Stéphane Résimont, physician, Belgium

Grégoire Del Marmol, internal medicine resident, Belgium

Nathalie Herin, dentist, Belgium

Fabienne marzani, nurse, France

Caroline Tchantchane, nursing assistive personnel, France

Vanessa Le Moine, nurse, France

Denis Levesque, nurse, France

Marie Christine Paumel, nurse, France

Ingrid Theunissen, gynecologist, Belgium

Xavier Noël, pharmacist, New Caledonia

Anne Dubois, physiotherapist, Belgium

Samir Lamnadi, emergency medicine specialist, Morroco

Julia Delavacquerie, pediatric nurse assistant, France

Anh Nguyen, dental surgeon, France

Eric Saban, pediatrician, France

Sophie Caron, clinical psychologist, France

Elisabeth Hérion, digestive surgeon, France

Nadia Koutini, general practitionner, Tunisia

Mohamed Berrada, ear, nose and throat specialist, Morroco

Mathieu Colette, nurse, Belgium

Gersende De Bie, ear, nose and throat specialist, Belgium

Hassan Adda, nephrologist, France

Thalie Agot, pharmacist, France

Céline de Clippele, physiotherapist, France

Catherine Blanc, nurse, France

Fabienne Mornet, dental surgeon, France

Valeriane Dietrich, nurse anesthesist, Canada

Manuel Hurtado Sepúlveda, general practitionner, Chile

Anne André, physiotherapist, Belgium

Javier Rodriguez, general practitioner, Colombia

Catherine Joubert, physiotherapist, France

Ingrid Vidal, nurse, France


Agnès Rouby, nurse, France

Marie-christine Douet, speech therapist, France

Sandrine Peeters, nurse, France

Sarah Castille, physiotherapist, Belgium

Pamela Grossenbacher, nurse, Switzerland

Donatienne de Halleux, speech therapist, Belgium

Sofia Emmenegger, physiotherapist, Switzerland

Heidi Pisser, nurse, France

Christine Fernandez, general practitioner, France

René Clavilier, general practitioner, France

Amandine Le Moine, nursing assistive personnel, France

Aurélie Gossmann, nursing assistive personnel, France

Fatiha Manouach, general practitionner, Belgium

Muriel Heggerickx Herstal, nurse, Belgium

Diane Brunner, pharmacist, Switzerland

Xenia Castillo, pediatrician, Dominican Republic

Carole Cocu, nursing assistive personnel, France

Nicole Gagnaire, nurse, France

Perrine Garrido, clinical psychologist, France

Jessica Alfiniti, nurse, France

Élise Merlier, nurse, France

Alan Richard, physiotherapist, Switzerland

Denis Arslanagic, dentist, Italy

Carlos Albino, clinical psychologist, Portugal

Gina Moka Teteb, nurse, Belgium

Jeff Smith, nurse, United States

Martine Saget, clinical psychologist, France

Aline Pélage, pharmacist, France

Fabienne Pierson, pharmacist, France

Valérie Rossignol, nurse, France

Annick Liobard, nursing assistive personnel, France

Anne Delforge, nurse, Belgium

Clara Malek, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Belgium

Manuel Moran, surgeon, United States


Philippe Caprasse, infectious disease specialist, Belgium

Stéphane Darteyre, neurologist, France

Patrizia Chiaramello, gynecologist, France

Vanessa Toussaint, nurse, France

Eric Simon, osteopath, France

Charles-Antoine Winter, nutritionist, France

Jean-François Lescuyer, general practitioner, Portugal

Renaud Fiévet, anesthesiologist, Belgium

Domenico Mastrangelo, oncologist, Italy

Christine Maurel, clinical psychologist, France

Marie-Pierre Courtial, nurse, France

Philippe Margat, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Chrystele Grollier, pharmacist, France

Christophe Morand, nurse, France

Michele Jenni Rozet, osteopath, Switzerland

Lefkothea Dimou, physician, Greece

Federico Garcia-Godoy, dentist, Dominican Republic

Pablo Buono, general practitioner, Switzerland

Olivier Téqui, general practitioner, France

Myriam Vergnes, nurse, France

Corinne Schneider, dentist, France

Céline Moutier, nurse, France

Sylvia Charbonnier, nurse, France

Dimitris Kalogiros, dentist, Greece

Mirtha Parada, pharmacist, Chile

Selma Chérif, general practitioner, Tunisia

María Rodríguez, nurse, Spain

Gabriel Marion, psychiatrist, France

Sylvie Doliveux, osteopath, France

Claire Bossard, physiotherapist, France

Corinne Richoux Mercier, nurse, France

Marion Frapolli, clinical psychologist, France

Veronique Elefant-Yanni, clinical psychologist, Switzerland

Shelyn Somani, general practitioner, Canada


Tomás Pincheira, dentist, Chile

Hanan Boualam, midwife, Morocco

Jacques Lamothe, pediatrician, France

Anne-Marie Trelat, pediatrician, France

Brice Charretier, colorectal Surgeon, France

Christiane Petit, nurse, France

Odile Cathelineau, nurse, France

Aikaterini Pantazi, pediatrician, Greece

Nicolay Benoit, anesthesiologist, Belgium

Anastasia Kotsmanidou, general practitioner, Greece

Francisco G. Nobrega, general practitioner, Brazil

Gilbert Tominez, general practitioner, France

Marie Laure Trotel, general practitioner, France

Anne Catherine Martin, general practitioner, France

Pascal Achaintre, dental surgeon, France

Stéphanie Marchand, nurse, France

Sophie Stavrinidis, internal medicine specialist and cardiologist, Canada

Eva Fernández, nurse, Spain

Alexandros Vassaras, neuroimmunologist, Greece

Oussama Nouar, pharmacist, Morroco

Alain Boucher, nurse, France

Francois Ottavi Menager, osteopath, France

Noémie Moreau, physiotherapist, France

Dalila Gomez, nurse, France

Samira Roirand, physiotherapist, France

Martial Champagne, nurse, Canada

Stelios Katzilierakis, pharmacist, Greece

Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, gynecologist and obstetrician, Greece

Manuela Tavares, internal medicine specialist, Portugal

Clémence Decourteix, osteopath, France

Catherine Rossi, dental surgeon, France

Nathalie Bosch, dental surgeon, France

Rémi Jean Pelletier, orthopedic surgeon, France

Ludivine Cahoreau, osteopath, France


Cristiana Almeida, nuclear medicine specialist, Brazil

Doniphane Lachat, doctor of osteopathic medicine, Switzerland

Carlos Pinto, physician, Brazil

Sunita Lachat, nutritionist, Switzerland

Florence Victor, speech therapist, France

Agnès Bernard, general practitioner, France

Caroline Terrenoir, general practitioner, France

Laurence Le Gall, general practitioner, France

Michel Fabre, general practitioner, France

Constance Foisy, nurse, Canada

Patricia Ochoa, nutritionist, Mexico

John Alexakis, nurse, Greece

Natali Pace, general practitioner, Argentina

Régine Eloy, speech therapist, France

Fernand-Paul Berthenet, osteopath, France

Isabelle  Bracquart, nurse, France

Anne-Christine Frégnac, speech therapist, France

Thierry Duclos, general practitioner, France

Tiziana Balbi, pathologist, Italy

Sebastian Fritz, emergency medical technician, Germany

Nives Brama, gynecologist and obstetrician, Italy

Aline Balere, nurse, France

François Appavoupoulle, psychiatrist, France

Catherine Delvaux, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Didier Bornuat, psychotherapist, France

Jean-Philippe Carbonell, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Frances Tagg, psychotherapist, United Kingdom

Alessandra Olla, pharmacist, Italy

Thierry Pasquier, pharmacist, Canada

Rolland Paradeis, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Franck Madet, physician and osteopath, France

Corinne Caron, nurse, France

Dominique Pigaglio, nurse, France

Aline Thinlot, nurse, France


Andrea Cogoni, nurse, Italy

Olivier Lhoest, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Belgium

Dara Jovanovic, pharmacy technician, Serbia

Giovanni Pierini, Associate Professor, legal medicine and toxicology, Italy

Isabelle Lecourtier, pediatrician, France

Nathalie Follana, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Micheline Feltin, nurse, France

Didier Girard, general practitioner, France

Delphine Messiaen, midwife, France

Annes Bouria, pharmacist, Belgium

Carla Sartori, nurse, Italia

Roberta Vittorangeli, pediatrician and anesthesiologist, Italy

Alessandro Palma, dentist, Italy

Sandrine Michel, pharmacist, France

Céline Cocuaud, podologist, France

Philippe Ventrou, general practitioner, France

Agnes Brabant, nurse, France

Danielle Schattel, midwife, France

Sibyl Szedressy, physiotherapist, Switzerland

Virginie Romain, psychologist, Belgium

Annette Blavier, nurse, Belgium

Valeria Losurdo, occupational therapist, Italy

Anthony Curty, osteopath, France

Thomas Dupre, physiotherapist, France

Valérie Broni, nurse, France

Christine Cazet, physiotherapist, France

Fabrice Predhumeau, nurse, France

Federico Lopez Ares, emergency medicine specialist, Spain

Luca Poretti, general practitioner and nutritionist, Italy

Massimiliano Quaresima, physiotherapist, Italy

Devis Zampedri, pharmacist, Italy

Mélanie Rey-Streiff, nurse, France

Elisabeth Marti-Bagnoli, radiologist, France

Sylvie Balaguer, nurse, France


Frédérique Doublat, pharmacist, France

Aline Fau, nurse, France

Sonia Verardo, physiotherapist, Belgium

Paolo Martino Allegri, pediatrician, Italy

Lucía Saputelli, obstetrician and gynecologist, Venezuela

Julie Lafrance, dental surgeon, Canada

Dominique Delbos, general practitioner, France

Corinne Bernard, general practitioner and geriatrician, France

Christine Dubois-Chaye, general practitioner, France

Fariba Gandji, general practitioner, France

Patrick Luzi, physiotherapist, France

Patrick Geys, dentist, Belgium

Carla Venturini, physiotherapist, Italy

Antonino Laudani, physician, Italy

Elfie Fritz, psychologist, Germany

Jean-Louis Jambut, physiotherapist, France

Christine Chauvet, clinical psychologist, France

Christiane Lopez, nurse, France

Eric Marlien, osteopath, France

Carolina Weisse, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, France

Marianne Gassel, clinical psychologist, Belgium

Philip Incao, physician, United States

Alessandra Fagnoni, nurse, Italy

Pappa Dionysie, psychologist, Greece

Victoria Désiré, physician, France

Pauline Grosclaude, occupational therapist, France

Emmanuelle Lemonnier, general practitioner, France

Christian Barbier, nurse, France

Elisabeth David, nurse, France

Réjean P.Deschênes, clinical psychologist, Canada

Anna Mattu, physician, Italy

Jency Velásquez López, physician, Peru

Rossella Mollo, surgeon, Italy

Catherine Godard, epidemiologist, France


Julien Rénier, physiotherapist, France

Anne Poncelet, nurse, France

Vincent Bailly, general practitioner, France

Annie Bendayan, general practitioner, France

Laurence Perras, nurse, Canada

Carmine Napolitano, surgeon, Italy

Milan Japalak, emergency medical tehnician, Serbia

Clara Maria Granatieri, internal medicine specialist, Italy

Pierre Fonteneau, physiotherapist, France

Jean-Pierre Moatti, general practitioner, France

Karine Hamelin, nurse, France

Christine Picavez, occupational physician, France

France Komminoth, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, France

Marco Lehnus, physician, Italy

Matteo Martini, pharmacist, Italy

Marina Tarasconi, pharmacist, Italy

Alberto Tagliazucchi, clinical microbiologist, Italy

Marcelo De Athayde Lopes, psychotherapist, France

Valérie Gauthier, nurse, France

Pierre Moisson, cardiologist, France

Vanessa Bony, nurse, France

Marie Jacques Poncet, gynecologist, France

Vincenzo Altieri, emergency medicine specialist, Italy

Federica Bochicchio, psychologist, Italy

Sara Invernizzi, nurse, Switzerland

Anna Pagkrati, dental surgeon, Greece

Catherine Lecourt, nurse, France

Nathalie Larobe, medical technologist, France

Olivier Bocquet, general practitioner, France

Marc Bouchoucha, general practitioner, France

Isabelle Levy, pulmonologist and allergologist, France

Cristina Revello, physiotherapist and osteopath, Italy

Montasser Lamsamdi, surgeon, Morroco

Rodrigo Testart Tobar, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Chile


François Couture, nurse, Canada

Hugues Temple-Boyer, nutritionist, France

Emmy Saurais, podologist, France

Léa Blanchet, osteopath, France

Yann Marie Matthieu, pharmacist and biologist, France

Mathilde Jouffrieau, physiotherapist, France

Nathalie Delhaye, nurse, Switzerland

Anna Röcken, general practitioner, Germany

Gianni Vercellio, vascular surgeon, Italy

Éduard Van Den Bogaert, general practitioner, Belgium

Isabelle Mouveaux, physiotherapist, France

Alain Le Hyaric, public health specialist, France

Laurence Demians, psychologist, France

Nadia Cheddad, nurse, France

Emmanuelle Illien, psychologist, France

Vitali Mariarosa, psychiatrist, Italy

William Gamba, orthopaedic specialist, Italy

Dragana Čalamać Sekulić, dentist, Serbia

Letizia Cipolat, vascular surgeon, Italy

Joke Panneels, general practitioner, France

Éric Feraud, dental surgeon, France

Nadia Bazanté, nurse, France

Brigitte Morin, occupational physician, France

Maria Chaix Simonoviez, nurse, France

Dottssa Debora Bellardi, surgeon, Italy

Marie Mannlein, physiotherapist, Morroco

Ángel Salgado Garcia, dental surgeon, Spain

Marie-Hélène Blond, pediatrician, Switzerland

Christian Latriche, general practitioner, France

Nathalie Demonté Dubruque, general practitioner, France

Chloe Marello, osteopath, France

Veronique Santoni, midwife, France

Sonia Le Floch, general practitioner, France

Petra Scheibler, clinical psychologist, Germany


Isaia Piccoli, nurse, Belgium

Marie-Dominique Petit, general practitioner, Belgium

Mario Amato, cardiologist, Italy

Jean Dotter, dentist, France

Valérie Sierra, cardiologist, France

Nathalie Balitrand, physiotherapist, France

Jean-Luc Boesch, general practitioner, France

Isabelle Autonne, general practitioner, France

Geneviève Monseur, physiotherapist, Belgium

Johanna Puchetti, physician, Argentina

Emilia Portoghese, nurse, Italy

Galatioto Vita Maria, pharmacist, Italy

Alain Picard, pharmacist, France

Isabelle Sanna Malarte, nurse, France

Maya Heinz, nurse, France

Léonard Vannetzel, psychologist, France

Marina Potisk, speech therapist, France

László Alfréd Pócs, orthopedic surgeon, Hungary

Freia Hünig, dermatologist, Germany

Mònica Illanas, psychologist, Spain

Angela Amado, nurse, United States

Eilathan Iksnimak, physiotherapist, France

Clotilde Nicolle, nurse, France

Laurence Leroy, clinical psychologist, France

Alice Lefievre, nurse, France

François De Chabalier, psychiatrist, France

Adrian Cacovean, cardiovascular surgeon, Romania

Corina Basceanu, general practitioner, Romania

Viviana Figueroa Escobar, physician, Chile

Ariciu Filip Adrian, epidemiologist, Romania

Barbara Vionnet, Psychologist, France

Nadine Dumont, psychotherapist, France

Gilles Rochette, Psychologist, France

Damien Tchong, physiotherapist and osteopath, France


Charlotte David, osteopath, France

Cristina Cristea, psychologist, Romania

Roxana Voicu, internal medicine specialist and nutritionist, Germany

Stefan Stangaciu, general practitioner, Romania

Kendra Cumming, physical therapist assistant, United States

Anne-Sophie Ruis, nurse, France

Michèle Duloquin, general practitioner, France

Jeanine Jemet, general practitioner, France

Dominique Leiber, general practitioner, France

Fabio Tamanza, dental surgeon, Italy

Harriet Bunker-Smith, clinical psychologist, United Kingdom

Cristina Martinez Fernandez, nurse, Spain

Pepa Caparrós Ramón, physiotherapist, Spain

Emmanuelle Carrey, nurse, France

Ana Gora, general practitioner, France

Muriel Napo, nurse, France

Clothilde Véron, general practitioner, France

Céline Ciezki, nurse, France

Larisa Panaghiu, internal medicine specialist, Romania

Gabriela Lifschitz, dental surgeon, Romania

Michel Brochu, acupuncturist, Canada

Sven M. Boehne, chiropractor, Italy

Florence Demonteil, pharmacy technician, France

Marie Claire Ruffato, nurse, France

Marie Bidegain, physiotherapist, France

Brigitte Berthonnier, nurse, France

Laurence Fantone, clinical psychologist, France

Péter Szécsi, physician, Hungary

Mazza Francesco Alfredo, physician, Italy

Professor Vasile Astarastoae, legal medicine specialist, Romania

Rosalia Billeci, general practitioner and psychotherapist, Italy

Maya Boussel, nurse, France

Marie Delgado, pharmacist, France

David Lutt, osteopath, France


Thierry Medynski, general practitioner, France

Manuel Delhaye, neurosurgeon, France

Luisella Vigasio, dentist, Italy

Clara Scropetta, pharmacist, Italy

Codrea Ramona, rheumatologist, Romania

Gabor Lenkei, physician, Hungary

Benoit Gandy, osteopath, France

Julie Raffy, pharmacist, France

Martine Augé, nurse, France

Caroline Birot, occupational therapist, France

Jean Courcelle, nurse, France

Geanina Dragnea, gynecologist and obstetrician, Romania

Daniele Lannarelli, osteopath, United Kingdom

Radmila Jovanović, gynecologist and obstetrician, Portugal

Amelie Weimar, general practitioner, Germany

Précylia Batista, psychometrician, France

Anne-Sophie Guillonnet, acupuncturist, France

Julie Capomaccio, nurse, France

Tanguy Martinelli, general practitioner, France

Valérie Le Fèvre, general practitioner, France

Amanda Malcolm, nurse, Northern Ireland

Corinne Montaru, general practitioner, Switzerland

Michele Fola, dentist, Italy

Cécile Thouant, osteopath, Canada

Morgane Mounès, speech therapist, France

Catherine Petit, nurse, France

Françoise Hossenlopp, general practitioner, France

Catherine Essert, nurse, France

‌Oriana Pillard, nurse, France

Riccardo Rotolo, nurse, Belgium

Marcio Bontempo, public health specialist, Brazil

Ligia Monica Aluas, nurse, Italy

Laura Coulter, nurse midwife, United States

Marine Commincas, physiotherapist, France


Laurent Palmieri, physiotherapist, France

Sebastien Roustan, nurse, France

Jean-Marc Pourtal, rheumatologist, France

Anne Christine Orsin, psychiatrist, France

Alessandro Itri, angiologist and clinical biologist, Italy

Tomás Matteucci, endocrinologist, Spain

Jordi Serrats Carner, podiatrist, Spain

Alberto Lorenzini, dentist, Italy

Marie-Hélène Barry, nurse, France

Claire Paris, general practitioner, France

Laurent Heidi, medical technologist, France

Virginie Féraud, psychologist, France

Severine Dechaud-Jô, speech therapist, France

Fabio Liviero, surgeon, Italy

María Valeria Gasser, physiotherapist, Argentina

Hernando Salcedo Fidalgo, physician, Colombia

Malika Lakhal, anesthesiologist and general practitioner, Germany

Richard Osborne, ophtalmologist, France

Cédric Dumait, osteopath, France

Manon Van Steirteghem, psychotherapist, France

Valerie Scala, psychologist, France

Laetitia Detouillon Moinel, physiotherapist, France

Jill Turland, homeopathic medicine practitioner, Australia

Aziza El Fadili, cardiologist, Morocco

Abdelaali Jguirim, physician and acuponcturist, Tunisia

Catherine Pilet, psychotherapist, Belgium

Constance Yver, geriatrician, France

Sophie Guetat, neuropsychologist, France

Marie Noëlle Thibaud, nurse, France

Joelle Leneveut, general practitioner, France

Anda Stefan, psychiatrist, France

Anne Mellein, ophthalmologist, Germany

Olivier Délétroz, podiatrician, Switzerland

Marcel Wainwright, dental surgeon, Germany


Majida Bounouh, nurse, Belgium

Pascal Trotta, physician and nutritionist, France

Sabrina Pasceri, nurse, France

Sophie Cusset, general practitioner, France

Dominique Blot, pharmacist, France

Hélène Roncati, osteopath, France

Stefan Rohrer, physician, Germany

Gundula Nevries, orthodentist, Germany

Christian Tal Schaller, general practitioner, Switzerland

Julio Cesar Sarmiento Noya, surgeon, Peru

Patrick Bellier, pulmonologist, France

Nolwenn Guenehec, nurse, France

Aude Nicolas, osteopath, France

Valérie Dubreuil, general practitioner, France

Yasmina Rassikh, osteopath, France

Juatel Becker, internal medicine specialist, Brazil

Bridget Turner, podiatrist, United Kingdom

Jean-Roch Lafrance, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, Canada

Dominique Lebeau, nurse, Canada

Jean Tartar, cardiologist, France

Laurie Antonietti, pharmacist, France

Maude Saury, nurse, France

Sylvie Roumanet, physiotherapist, France

Bastien Valot, psychologist, France

María Magdalena Piña Dirocié, ophtalmologist, Dominican Republic

Guillaume Ribard, nurse, France

Sylvie Rouanne, nurse, France

Florence Petit, general practitioner, France

Camille Estibal, nurse, France

Pascale Miglioretti, nurse, France

Steven Horwitz, chiropractor, United States

Jean Gouézo, general practitioner, France

Alain Cornet, general practitioner, France

Isabelle Hurier-Le Meur, nurse, France


Régine Mouton, psychotherapist, France

Véronique Dépinoy, speech therapist, France

Angélique Frecht, nursing assistive personnel, France

Philippe De Chazournes, general practitioner, France

Christine Genest, dental hygienist, France

Aurelia Perrier, nurse, France

Francis Cance, clinical psychologist, France

Veronique Rambeau, nurse, France

Robert Sellez, osteopath, France

Carine Lesage, physiotherapist, France

Hannah Cadoux, nurse, France

Françoise Hemeret Salkowsky, general practitioner, France

Nicole Hebert-Millereux, dental surgeon, France

Martine Robillard, nutritionist, France

David Theerlynck, nursing assistive personnel, France

Florence Lissitzky, general practitioner, France

Franck Rabier, physiotherapist, France

Bertrand Szustakiewicz, dental surgeon, France

Annabelle Da Silva, nurse, France

Sandrine Germain-Robin, psychiatrist, France

Chloé Saint Guilhem, psychotherapist, France

Sandra Torello, radiology technician, France

Laurence Ville, nurse, France

Karine Rolland, nurse, France

Henri Carrere, general practitioner, France

Colette Nordmann, sports physician, France

Jean-Louis Piton, nursing assistive personnel, France

Jean Chabert, nurse, France

Julia de Meringo, psychiatrist, France

Véronique Rambeau, nurse, France

Anastasia Serra, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Daria Schneider, physiotherapist, France

Marie-José Colibeau, osteopath, France

Leslie Gainon, physiotherapist, France


Frédérique Athlan Chelly, general practitioner, France

Paul-Hervé Riche, general practitioner, France

Sophie Malgoire, general practitioner, France

Stéphane Ottin Pecchio, rheumatologist, France

Patrick Dupuis, general practitioner, France

Véronique Goichon, pharmacist, France

Robert Bertrand, general practitioner, France

Margaux Vidal, osteopath, France

Françoise Roncin, nurse, France

Cécile Vandaele, optician, France

Françoise Rothé-Thomas, radiotherapist, France

Justine Abonnel, occupational therapist, France

Isabelle Houdart, dental surgeon, France

Claude Rouveure-Bloy, pharmacist, France

Pierre Gaultier, general practitioner, France

Bénédicte Mignot, general practitioner, France

Guillaume Legrand, nurse, France

Cécile Caire, general practitioner, France

Helene Delaygues, nurse, France

Emmanuel Adam, osteopath, France

Nadine Pelvillain, nurse, France

Maurice Campargue, physician, France

Nathalie Badina, physiotherapist, France

Françoise Hulin, public health specialist, France

Dominique Sassolas Colin, physiotherapist, France

Marie Lejeune, nurse, France

Laurent Nifenecker, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Christine Hochard, general practitioner, France

Marie Carmen Reyes, nurse, France

Laurence Charbonnier, physiotherapist, France

Olivier Boumendil, radiologist, France

Pierre-Henri Charlier, orthopedic surgeon, France

Marie Claude Villier, dental surgeon, France

Laurence Pasquier, pediatric nurse assistant, France


Sarah Picard, pediatric nurse assistant, France

Jocelyn Ochier, physiotherapist, France

Alain-Philippe Maniette, general practitioner, France

Thierry Seze, nurse, France

Sylvie Singh, nursing assistive personnel, France

Cécile Lang, nurse, France

Anne Crepy, geriatrician, France

Myriam Vergnes, nurse, France

Valérie Dejaune, dental surgeon, France

Elise Gautier, nurse, France

Lydie Landelle, nurse, France

Marie-Elisabeth Pottier, dental surgeon, France

Elisabeth Fiorina, clinical psychologist, France

Jacques Selig, dental Surgeon, France

Audrey Fata, nurse, France

Florence Alary, anesthesiologist, France

Martine Destandau, nurse, France

Claire Moret Chalmin, neurologist, France

Ahlem Sahli, nurse, France

Véronique Billault, nurse, France

Lucie Lallier, nurse, France

Marie Pierre Peralez, nurse, France

Aude Jacqueson, osteopath and physiotherapist, France

Ella Martichon, nurse, France

Jovelyne Leboucq, nurse, France

Michèle Aliotti, nurse, France

Dominique Provost Capponi, pharmacist, France

Lolita Ansel, nurse, France

Camille Rossi, psychiatrist, France

Francoise Merignac, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Sandra Chupin, osteopath, France

Jean Jacques Villier, dental surgeon, France

Isabelle Brosset, nurse, France

Antoine Lelièvre, oral medicine specialist, France


Sylvie Petitjean, nurse, France

Didier Vignolles, physiotherapist, France

Brigitte Bracco, nurse, France

Emilie Vernet, radiology technician, France

Daniel Fillit, physiotherapist, France

Cécile Decarme, nurse, France

Anne Monferrer, nurse, France

Christine Spitz, general practitionner, France

Philippe Bry, pediatrician, France

Jean-Luc Boesch, general practitionner, France

Bénédicte Ledoux Dewulf, pediatrician, France

Philippe Raymond, general practitionner, France

Tassan Paulette, nurse, France

Maya Marza, general practionner, France

Brigitte Sevain, speech therapist, France

Pierre Cornetet, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Sahar Saliba-Cisneros, nutritionist, France

Stéphan Lepetit-Teston, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Myriam Roubin, general practitionner, France

Christel Danesi, clinical psychologist, France

Bertrand Pugin, physiotherapist, France

Karine Gravey, nursing assistive personnel, France

Chantal Lespour, clinical psychologist, France

Françoise Favre, nurse, France

Christine Tisseyre, physiotherapist, France

Annie Chamard-Yver, nurse, France

Onyirimba Amaka, pharmacist, France

Claude Veres, dermatologist, France

Hayet Lannabi, psychiatrist, France

Marie Line Allard, physiotherapist, France

Diane Dugué, nurse, France

Laure Giusti, psychiatrist, France

Brigitte Morin, occupational physician, France

Helene Marquesuzaa, radiologist, France


Annie Dumas, nurse, France

Barbe Gorczyca, psychiatrist, France

Jean Francois Ferrier, physiotherapist, France

Vincent Schmutz, dentist, France

Christine Hiron Tiprez, nurse, France

Xaviere De Lucca, nurse, France

Alice Piegelin, nurse, France

François Cabanis, osteopath, France

Anne Jaze, clinical psychologist, France

Jennifer Estay, physiotherapist, France

Rozenn Henaff, dentist, France

Gérard Boukobza, gynecologist and obstetrician, France

Aline Abi Ramia, general practitionner and geriatrician, France

Pascale Fouratier, pharmacist, France

Nathalie Vanden Broucke, nurse, France

Janick Bertrand, ear, nose and throat specialist, France

Nassera Hammouche, nurse, France

Alexandra Mantello, nurse anesthesist, France

Odile Passedouet, osteopath, France

Edwige Andouard, physiotherapist, France

Jean-François Redon, general practitionner, France

Marion Ivaldi, physiotherapist, France

Frederic Luczak, osteopath, France

Emmanuel Piat, physiotherapist, France

Julius Le Duff, clinical psychologist, France

Maxime Astier, osteopath, France

Julie Bellegy, physiotherapist, France

Jean Philippe Souquiere, internal medicine specialist, France

Sébastien Verdou, nurse, France

Marie-France Berthier, nurse anesthesist, France

Noëlle Galtier, clinical biologist, France

Jean-Jacques Chatrousse, chiropractor, France

Martins Conceicao, nurse, France

Florence Lissitzky, general practitionner, France


Ophélie Simard, osteopath, France

Muriel Burban, nurse, France

Jean-Loup Mouysset, oncologist, France

Evelyne Favarel, nurse, France

Marie Decreuse, general practitionner, France

Marie-Victoria Josson Lasseuguetee, general practitionner, France

France Benso, pharmacist, France

Micheline Banguio, nursing assistive personnel, France

Nathalie Costanza, nursing assistive personnel, France

Céline Mula, nurse, France

Bénédicte Dassonville, general practitionner, France

Hélène Bordei, anesthesiologist, France

Guy Van Hoonacker, anesthesiologist, France

Marie Kenderessy, general practitionner, France

Catherine Mazuc Wiberg, general practitionner, France

Denis N’Guessan, physiotherapist, France

Hubert Sroussi, general practitionner, France

Sylvie Gauthier, clinical psychologist, France

Eve Hajek, nurse, France

Isabelle Guntzburger, nurse, France

Jean-Claude Ravalard, general practitionner, France

Aurore Fournier, general practitioner, France

Laure Boujac, nursing assistive personnel, France

Antoine Claverie, general practitioner, France

Bernadette Defawe, occupational physician, France

Jean-Claude Ravalard, general practitioner, France

Florence Corboz, nursing assistive personnel, France

Giovanni Bianchi, anesthesiologist, France

Yannick Thomas, psychomotor therapist, France

Françoise Hamel, psychomotor therapist, France

Isabelle Collins-Parchard, physiotherapist, France

Sabine Cruvellier, nurse, France

Clotilde Faugeron, nurse, France

Dominique Bourdin, physician, France


Stéphane Houlbrèque, physiotherapist, France

Serge Houël, physiotherapist, France

Véronique Chavin, speech therapist, France

Laurence Prunel, speech therapist, France

Fausto Lanzeroti, physiotherapist and osteopath, France

Anne-Claire Monfroy, physiotherapist, France

Rémy Chaillou, physiotherapist, France

Hélène Chollet, general practitioner, France

Jean-Jacques Bartelloni, acupuncturist and osteopath, France

Pascal Sarreo, nurse, France

Cuenca Cristel, nurse, France

Jorene Bokel, nurse, France

Didier Moulinier, oncologist, France

Vincent Dalmonego, plastic surgeon, France

Dominique Bienfait, anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, France

Catherine Dumuids, midwife and osteopath, France

Jean Pierre Richard, osteopath and psychotherapist, France

Alice Frutoso, nurse anesthesist, France

Yves-Marie Mattheyses, nurse anesthesist, France

Thierry Jeannin, pharmacist, France

Stéphanie Tanguy, pharmacist, France

Amina El Ali, pharmacist, France

Béatrice Perrot, osteopath, France

Pascale Lopez, midwife, France

Victoire Davaine Chevaux, nurse, France 


Here are the letters sent to each one of these 30 countries :

1-Africa :

-South Africa (letter sent on February 4, 2021) :

-Madagascar (letter sent on February 4, 2021) :

-Nigeria (letter sent on February 4, 2021) :

-Algeria (letter sent on February 4, 2021) :

-Tunisia (letter sent on February 5, 2021) :

2-South America :

-Argentina (letter sent on February 5, 2021) :

-Peru (letter sent on February 5, 2021) :

-Brazil (letter sent on February 5, 2021) :

-Chile (letter sent on February 5, 2021) :

-Bolivia (letter sent on February 6, 2021) :

3-North America :

-Canada (letter sent on February 6, 2021) :

-Mexico (letter sent on February 6, 2021) :

-United States (letter sent on February 6, 2021) :

4-Asia :

-India (letter sent on February 7, 2021) :

-Russia (letter sent on February 7, 2021) :

-Saudi Arabia (letter sent on February 7, 2021) :

-Thailand (letter sent on February 8, 2021) :

-Singapore (letter sent on February 8, 2021) :

5-Oceania :

-Australia (letter sent on February 8, 2021) :

-New Zealand (letter sent on February 8, 2021) :

-Fiji (letter sent on February 9, 2021) :

-Marshall Islands (letter sent February 9, 2021) :

-Papua New Guinea (letter sent on February 10, 2021) :

6-Europe :

-United Kingdom (letter sent on February 10, 2021) :

-Turkey (letter sent on February 10, 2021) :

-Italy (letter sent on February 11, 2021) :

-Finland (letter sent on February 11, 2021) :

-Belgium (letter sent on February 11, 2021) :

-Portugal (letter sent on February 12, 2021) :

-France (letter sent on February 12, 2021) :

Opsoek na inligting?

  • UBUNTU; Herbedink

    Die gonswoord van 'n dekade of wat gelede, nl 'Ubuntu', het 'n mens nuuskierig gemaak. Wat sou die mooiklinkende woord: 'u-bun-tu' wat blykbaar oornag groot handelswaarde ontwikkel het, werklik beteken? Nadat Desmond Tutu in 'n videosnit die betekenis verduidelik het as:'I am because we are' en Bill Clinton daarop probeer verbeter het met: 'I am because you are', kon dit nie anders nie. Dié saak moes ondersoek word.

    Na 'n ompad deur Afrika en selfs die antieke geskiedenis, is weer in die eie tyd, by uitsprake van Mbeki, Tutu, Steve Biko en andere uitgekom. Daarna is na Ubuntu en die wêreldpolitiek gekyk, maar ook na 'n ubuntuplan en ekonomiese seifbeskikking met die oog op oorlewing.

    Die skrywer, Tobie Hart, slaag met hierdie werk om die leser te boei met aktuele inligting wat elkeen raak. Ook die voorblad, met reënboog en standbeeld praat met die leser.

    Die boek, teen R260-00 per harde kopie kan bestel word by: Groep 7 Drukkers Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees..         Die boek is ook in Engels beskikbaar as Ubuntu: Re-invented

  • BYBEL 1933/53-druk nou gratis

    Gelofteland is dankbaar om aan al ons lesers die 1933/53-uitgawe van die Bybel gratis te voorsien. Al wat u hoef te doen is om 'n e-pos na

    Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.

    te stuur met die versoek om die Bybel te ontvang, en ons sal dit aan u stuur.




     Laserskywe in stelle van 10 te koop


    Ds. Andre van den Berg werk sedert November 1990 weekliks met volksgenote in die gevangenis in Pretoria-Sentraal. Hy bied ʼn reeks laserskywe teen R200 (posgeld uitgesluit) per stel van 10 aan. Die opbrengs van hierdie verkope gaan vir Gevangenisbediening.

    Dit handel oor aktuele onderwerpe soos:

    1. Die lewe hiernamaals.
    2. Word verantwoordelik oud.
    3. Die pad na die ewigheid.
    4. Bied beproewing die hoof.
    5. Raad vir tieners.
    6. Gelowige kinderopvoeding.
    7. Oorwin depressie.
    8. Kikker jou huwelik op .
    9. Alle mense is nie gelyk nie.
    10. Homoseksualisme - ʼn gruwel vir God.

    Bestel by:

    E-pos: Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.

    Sel: 074 967 5187







    Skryf in vir die gratis e-blad OORSIG EN REPLIEK

    'n Blad wat dmv verduidelikende agtergrond by die kern van ons volk se
    stryd uitkom.

    Kontak die redakteur by

    Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.

    Lees ons gereelde uittreksels daaruit hier op Gelofteland by OORSIG EN REPLIEK


    Die Legkaart van ons Lewe – ‘n Boodskap van Hoop

    Lees meer oor dié getuienis by:




    DIE VOLMAAKTE REPUBLIEK – Christen-Teokratiese Separatisme

    Suid-Afrika verkeer tans in 'n kommerwekkende toestand omdat mense se kennis oor die Bybel en die Staat so verwater het dat land en volk as gevolg hiervan ten gronde gaan.

    Hierdie boek uit die pen van ds AE van den Berg, het in gedrukte vorm verskyn.  Dit bring helder perspektief oor rasseverskille en natuurlike skeiding wat sal lei tot die herstel van Suid-Afrika. Die land het 'n dringende behoefte wat landsburgers van geestelike denke sal laat verander en van onregte en gewaande vryheid sal bevry.

    Sinvolle besluite in die lig van God se Woord, en onophoudelik gebed dat bevryding spoedig verwesenlik word, is noodsaaklik. Politiek is erns en harde werk wat wet en orde handhaaf en durf nie in eerlose hande gelaat te word nie. God is 'n God van orde, en mense word aangemoedig om die koninkryk van God eerste te stel.

    U kan hierdie boek bestel by ds A E van den Berg

    Tel: 074 967 5187  of by


    Prys: R50-00

  •                                                                        ______________



    ‘n Nuwe Trek: Terug na u God

    Die Oerteks van die lotsbepalende 1838-Gelofte

    J L du Toit & dr L du Toit

    'n Bundel oor die bronne vir die 1838-Gelofte is nou ook by Exclusive Books in Suid-Afrika beskikbaar: 

    Alhoewel die nuutste prys op Exclusive Books se netwerf tans R191 per boek is kan u dit vir so min as R60 per boek direk by Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.. bestel.

    Lees meer by: 'N NUWE TREK: TERUG NA GOD



    Wil u meer oor aktuele onderwerpe lees of vir iemand 'n besondere geskenk gee? Goeie voornemens;  Dink reg, leef reg; Moenie bekommer nie; Leuens; Woestyngedagtes, en Niks ontbreek nie, is van die aktuele onderwerpe wat in twee besondere preekbundels behandel word. Vir slegs R60 elk of R100 vir beide kan u 'n waardevolle bydrae maak vir u volksgenote in die gevangenis. Ondersteun hulle asseblief en bestel nou hierdie preekbundels by ds Andrè van den Berg by

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    Hierdie bundel, net soos deel I, is saamgestel uit twintig van die beste boodskappe wat sterk op ons volkslewe gerig is. Die inhoud bestaan uit aktuele onderwerpe wat die daaglikse lewe van elke Christen raak. Die koste beloop slegs R60 (posgeld uitgesluit) en is 'n uitstekende geskenk vir die regte persoon. Die inkomste gaan in geheel aan gevangenisdiens vir ons volksgenote.
    Plaas u bestelling per e-pos by ds Andrè van den Berg by

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    of skakel hom by 074 967 5187


    Bestel 'n uitstekende digbundel deur BOERIUS
    Volledige besonderhede hier:

    Gietoffers van my Siel


    Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.


    Mense word so maklik deur dwaalleringe mislei. In hierdie boek word talle kwelvrae beantwoord.




Daar is min mense wat nog die waarde van 'n ordelike byeenkoms bedink en kan uitvoer. Sonder hierdie kennis en orde en gedissiplineerde toepassing daarvan sal 'n byeenkoms in wanorde verval en die doel van die vergadering nie bereik word nie. Die boekie kom handig te pas in alle omstandighede waar 'n vergadering van persone plaasvind, ongeag die sakelys of doel van die byeenkoms.

Klik hier om die boekie wat u op hoogte kan bring van korrekte vergaderingprosedures, gratis af te laai. Indien u van Windows 10 gebruik maak sal die inhoud outomaties onder die lêer "Downloads" geberg word en kan dit daar gehaal en gebêre word waar ookal dit maklik gevind kan word.




As God volke aan hul eie lot oorlaat

Die waarheid oor ons volk en die Nuwe SA

Volksverraad geskryf deur adv. P.J. Pretorius

'n Oorblyfsel... deur genade alleen

Christen-Teokratiese Separatisme

Verse van Verset

Vreedsame Naasbestaan = Afsonderlike Ontwikkeling

No Ships in the Harbour

Ons heilsverhaal in die Ou Testament


Evolusie - kan ek dit glo?

Petrus, die rots

Romeo en Juliet


Apokriewe - By modderpoele of suiwer fonteine?

Midsomernagdroom - Shakespeare in Afrikaans

Die Openbaring van Henog

Die Derde Tempel

Macbeth - Shakespeare in Afrikaans

Met ryperd en mauser

Goue strate het nie stof nie


Die Laaste Pous



Drie Eeue van Onreg

Ons Geskiedenis

Engelse skandvlekke

Voortrekker-Pioniers in Oos-Transvaal








(Lees die reeks by SKERP SLAGSPREUKE)




(Lees by AFRIKAANSE IDIOME EN GESEGDES - die hele reeks


In die sweet van sy aanskyn eet die Adamskind sy brood; in die sweet van 'n ander se aanskyn sy pastei.

Leer jou ambag so goed dat jy jou altyd kan verhuur aan 'n baas wat daar minder kennis van het as jy. Dan sal jy sy baas wees.

'n Presiese baas hou nie nalatige knegte lank nie. Dié wat hy nie wegja nie loop weg.

Maak in die somer hout bymekaar en sit in die winter by die vuur.

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